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 Mahogany Glider - Cyclone Yasi

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Glissandra the Glider

Wildcard Art - Mungarru Lodge Sanctuary is the home of Queensland wildlife artist Daryl Dickson who lives and works in tropical north Queensland Australia.

Mahogany Glider -- TC Yasi Bulletin 1


Mahogany Glider -- TC Yasi Bulletin 3



Mahogany Glider -- TC Yasi Bulletin 2


Mahogany Glider -- TC Yasi Bulletin 4



Cassowary Award 2008

Daryl received a prestigious  Cassowary Award for her work in art and conservation in the Queensland Wet Tropics

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FEB 2011

 Illustrator Daryl Dickson

Author Pam Galeano

Daryl Dickson was born in London and has lived in Australia since 1961. She was educated and raised in South Australia and has lived in north Queensland since 1993. Her passion for Australian wildlife is evident with most of her artwork depicting the fine detail of Australia's beautiful and unique flora and fauna. She works as a fulltime artist producing original works and a range of cards and prints for sale. This is the first time she has illustrated a children's book. Daryl lives in the Kennedy Valley, north Queensland with her husband Geoff Moffatt. They share a passion for native wildlife and the magnificent environment in which they live. In 2001 Daryl received an Australia Day Award for her work in environmental education, wildlife rescue and her pioneering work in rearing orphaned endangered Mahogany Gliders. Much of Daryl's time is spent caring for  injured and orphaned native animals and it is these wonderful creatures upon which the illustrations in this book are based. Daryl's artwork shares the beauty and uniqueness of our precious Australian flora and fauna with others. She hopes to inspire us all to care for and conserve our wildlife for generations to come



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 Mahogany Glider


Pam Galeano was born in Atherton North Queensland but has lived near Mahogany Glider habitat at Lower Tully for over 40years. She married Joe Galeano and they have two children and two grandchildren. Pam is a retired primary teacher with a thirty year medal from Education Queensland. In 200 she wrote the Information Booklet for the primary level Mahogany Glider Education Kit: Rescue the Ropedancer. Pam enjoys photography. She has been a member of Tully Performing Arts since 1965 and is on the executive of her local branch of the Arts Council - CRACA



written, illustrated, published and printed in tropical north Queensland Australia

Mahogany Glider - Petaurus gracilis  The species was first documented by Charles de Vis in 1883 but records were then lost to science for 100 years. the species remained unrecognised until 1989 when Dr Steve van Dyck, then Curator of mammals at Queensland Museum found some unusual old skins stored in the museum's collection. By the time a live specimen was found in the wild in 1990, much of their habitat had been cleared to for plantation pine and sugar cane.. Less than 2000 animals are thought to remain in the wild. The Mahogany Glider is now listed as an endangered species. It is one of six species of glider found in Australia. It has a very limited distribution, only living between Tully and Rollingstone in tropical north Queensland. Mahogany Gliders are arboreal, nocturnal and primarily silent creatures. They are not very social animals and usually den alone or with a breeding partner and young. They are territorial and use up to 13 different den hollows in very old native trees wthin their home territories. They eat nectar, sap, pollen, spiders, moths, beetles and other insects. Mahogany Gliders are very beautiful and gentle creatures. They spend their waking ours gliding silently through the the moonlit tropical forests of north Queensland, seeking their favorite food trees. Their long term survival is reliant on our ability to share the landscape with them. we need to make sure that they have food trees, den trees,and corridors to move between their remaining habitat.

written, illustrated, published and printed in tropical north Queensland Australia


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